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Posted on 3/25/2023

Top Tahoe Winter Pet-Friendly Activities

Top Tahoe Winter Pet-Friendly Activities! Lake Tahoe is not only the perfect vacation for you and your family, but for your beloved dogs too. Being such a dog-friendly destination, there is a multitude of winter activities for you and your pooch to enjoy together.

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Posted on 8/23/2022

Discover the Best Ways to Experience North Lake Tahoe Stargazing

When you vacation in North Lake Tahoe, youâre surrounded by thrilling outdoor adventures. We have a suggestion for a relaxing outdoor activity thatâs equally as excitingâ"stargazing. Since our area has minimal light pollution, itâs a fantastic spot to view stars, planets, and

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Posted on 9/17/2021

5 Reasons You Need to Visit North Lake Tahoe in November

Are you thinking about planning a trip to North Lake Tahoe but donât know what time of year to visit? Plan a trip to North Lake Tahoe in November if youâre searching for cooler weather, fewer crowds, and fun on the slopes. This time

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Posted on 9/16/2021

Plan the Best Road Trip from Sacramento to North Lake Tahoe

Sacramento is the sixth most populated city in California. While some people love the cityâs fast-paced lifestyle of the city, itâs important to unplug from time to time. Ready to trade in streets lined with skyscrapers for towering pines? Look no further

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Posted on 4/3/2020

The Most Effective Eco-Friendly Travel in Lake Tahoe

Itâs more important now than ever before to practice eco-friendly travel in Lake Tahoe! The simple sustainability measures that you put in place help shape our environmentâs future. While itâs awesome to have an environmentally friendly vehicle for travel, we know that most people

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Posted on 11/9/2017

Only Fools Predict the Weather in Tahoe

Only Fools Predict the Weather in TahoeWe donât think even the biggest fool could have predicted last yearâs winter in Tahoe, but we all sure tried. Everyone has their own prediction method, myself, I check over 3 different weather websites and take the medium of their predictions and pass...

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Posted on 4/13/2017

What We Do To Keep Tahoe Blue

What We Do To Keep Tahoe BlueWith Earth Day right around the corner, we want to praise and thank all the people of Tahoe that work so hard to keep Lake Tahoe beautiful and clean year round.Here at Tahoe Truckee Properties we have been trying our best to do our part. We switched to eco-friendly products...

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