Posted on 4/3/2020

The Most Effective Eco-Friendly Travel in Lake Tahoe

Itâs more important now than ever before to practice eco-friendly travel in Lake Tahoe! The simple sustainability measures that you put in place help shape our environmentâs future. While itâs awesome to have an environmentally friendly vehicle for travel, we know that most people donât. Read on to discover four ways lesser-known ways you can make a positive environmental impact during your next trip to North Lake Tahoe, California! When youâre ready to start planning your trip, get the inside scoop on the best things to do in our area with the North Lake Tahoe Guide! This free resource is filled with local insight on the best, and greenest, things to do during your trip to our area.

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Top 4 Ways to Practice Eco-Friendly Travel in Lake Take

Choose An Eco-Friendly Travel Method

Perhaps the most evident factor of eco-friendly travel is your method of transportation. By now, we all know that cars and planes emit CO2 and other gasses into the atmosphere, which have negative long-term effects on the environment. While you canât always avoid driving or flying, opt for public transportation, like busses and trains when available.Or, rent an energy-efficient automobile! Another great way to add environmental friendliness to your travel method is to book an extended stay. This cuts down on the amount of time you spend traveling! Plus, youâre sure to want to stay here, we promise!

Explore the Outdoors

The simplest way to practice eco-friendly travel in North Lake Tahoe is to support ecotourism. There are a lot of options when it comes to ecotourism in our area, as Lake Tahoe boasts 191-square-miles of crystal clear water! In fact, itâs earned its name as the Purest Lake in the U.S. Lake Tahoeâs incredible water quality makes North Lake Tahoe beaches a highly sought after destination for stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, and more.

Paper, Please!

One simple way to practice eco-friendly travel during your trip to North Lake Tahoe is by opting for paper over plastic. This is especially true at North Lake Tahoe restaurants! Simply ask for a paper straw, or forget the straw altogether. Some local eateries are transitioning to not using plastic straws at all, which makes it a no-brainer on your end! You can also choose paper bags over plastic bags at the grocery stores in the area. Or, bring your own reusable bag. You can purchase some pretty stylish ones online!

Support Small Businesses

Sustainability efforts donât exclusively refer to eco-friendly travel methods. One lesser-known way to promote an areaâs sustainability is by supporting small businesses in North Lake Tahoe! Take your dollars to local restaurants, bars, and shops to keep the doors of small businesses open. These businesses are the essence of Lake Tahoeâs laid-back charm. Our area wouldnât be the charming oasis it is today without local business owners! Itâs also the best way to taste authentic, local flavors and purchase Tahoe-made gifts!

Stay With Tahoe Truckee Properties

Booking a rental home with Tahoe Truckee Properties is the final step in eco-friendly travel in Lake Tahoe! We offer a diverse selection of more than 50 rental properties, some of which have energy-efficient features. We even have a selection of lakefront rentals that make your ecotourism efforts a breeze! Browse a full inventory of our North Lake Tahoe rentals to start planning your green trip! [q4vr-properties pids]
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