Posted on 7/28/2021

3 of the Best Ways to Travel from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe

Do you need a getaway from the busy city of Los Angeles? Head to North Lake Tahoe for a relaxing trip! Itâs the perfect destination for family vacations, getaways with your friends, or a romantic trip with the one you love the most. But how should you get from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe? Weâve listed three easy ways to travel for your trip to paradise! Once youâve got your route from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe figured out, itâs time to put together your itinerary! Access our free North Lake Tahoe Guide for the inside scoop on the best restaurants, attractions, museums, and outdoor activities in town. Find out where to rent paddleboarding equipment or upcoming events in North Lake Tahoe. Everything you need to plan the ultimate trip (and more!) is in our free Vacation Guide!

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How to Get From Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe


A Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe drive takes around eight hours, allowing for stops and traffic. Itâs a full day of driving, but youâll be treated to some great views while on the US-395. If youâre looking for a scenic detour, consider stopping by Grover Hot Springs or Hope Valley! Itâs a great opportunity to snap some photos and stretch your legs.


If you look up LA to Lake Tahoe flights, youâll find that most of them land in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. These flights are non-stop and only last for a little over an hour. The Reno-Tahoe Airport is just 40 minutes away from the lake, so itâs a good option for those who donât want to spend their day traveling. Another possible option for travel is flying to the Sacramento Airport and then driving around two hours to Lake Tahoe. The flight is around the same length and youâll get some sightseeing in during your drive.

Local Tips: Rental Cars

Most visitors find it beneficial to rent a car to drive while theyâre here. Luckily, itâs easy to rent a car at whichever airport you fly into. Be sure to check out rental car agencies at Reno-Tahoe International Airport and rental car options at Sacramento International Airport. Visitors from Los Angeles are accustomed to sunny skies and warm temperatures for most of the year. If youâre traveling from Los Angeles to North Lake Tahoe in the winter, be sure to keep the weather in mind when selecting a rental car. The Lake Tahoe area gets more than 200 inches of snow per year, which can impact road conditions. Winter visitors should be sure to choose a rental car that can traverse snowy, slick roads, like a 4-wheel drive SUV!


The most budget-friendly option for travelers is taking the train. While there is no station in Lake Tahoe, you can arrive at the Sacramento or San Francisco station and drive to the lake. The trip is around 11 hours from Lake Tahoe to these stations, though with Wi-Fi and amenities on many of these trains, you can enjoy a movie or do a little work from your seat.

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