Posted on 2/11/2023

3 Benefits of Midweek Travel That Will Make You Want to Use Your Vacation Days

Midweek getaways are a hidden gem in the travel industry. While most travelers save their trips for the weekend, there are a few great benefits of midweek travel! These include money-saving opportunities on your lodging and flights, as well as fewer crowds and wait times at the most popular local attractions. Let us help you plan your midweek vacation!

The Benefits of Midweek Travel to North Lake Tahoe

1. Save Money on Your Reservation

The basics of finance suggest that the more people want a service, product, or experience, the more they are willing to pay for it. Businesses know thisand weekend rates at vacation rentals and hotels are no exception. Friday through Sunday rates are almost always higher than any other days of the week. For example, a four-night stay at one of our rental homes is $660 cheaper for a Monday - Friday stay as opposed to a Friday through Tuesday stay. That's a lot of extra cash to keep in your pocket!

2. Book Cheaper Flights

According to U.S. News, the cheapest day and time to fly is Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. EST. The two other money-saving days to fly are Wednesday and Saturday. Those who travel often know that the secret weapon to saving money on your flight is to fly midweek. The difference can add up to hundreds of dollars! Now, add these savings to your lodging savings and you have nearly $1,000 (or more!) of extra cash. That is enough to put away for your trip!

3. Enjoy more space and less people

Donât like to wait hours to get into the best restaurant in town? Don't want to fight for a spot on Kings Beach? Midweek travel is a great way to experience our area like a local! Start your day at Syd's Bagelry & Espresso without having to compete for a table. Listen around you as locals conduct business calls and catch up with friends. If you listen close enough, you might just uncover some of the localsâ favorite spots in Lake Tahoe! If you visit in the winter, you can shred the powder without having to avoid another skier at every turn. For summer travelers, midweek travel is a great way to enjoy the sparkling blues waters of Lake Tahoe in peace.

Book Your Stay With Tahoe Truckee Properties

At Tahoe Truckee Properties, we have more than 50 rental homes in the Lake Tahoe area. Choose homes in Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Olympic Valley, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, and Truckee. No matter where you wish you stay, you are sure to get cheaper rates when you book a midweek vacation! That leaves more money for spending on activities during your stay, or to save for your next trip. Will you take advantage of the benefits of midweek travel? Browse a full inventory of our North Lake Tahoe rental homes to start planning your trip!
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