Posted on 9/18/2019

Here's What You Need to Know About Booking a Vacation Rental vs. a Hotel

Planning a vacation is equally exciting and stressful. You canât wait to go explore your vacation destination! First, you have to do your research on every aspect of your trip. How will you get there? What are the must-dos and must-sees on your itinerary? Most importantly, where will you stay? The latter question often leaves travelers stumped. With so many options, it can be hard to choose between booking a vacation rental vs. a hotel. Below, weâve listed why vacation rental homes are the ideal type of accommodation for most travelers. Let us help you make your lodging decision. Then, fill in your North Lake Tahoe itinerary with the help of our complimentary Vacation Guide!

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How to Navigate Booking a Vacation Rental vs. a Hotel

Before we get into the details of booking a vacation rental vs. a hotel, we must distinguish the two. Vacation rentals are different from hotels in a variety of ways. The most important difference is the size. A vacation rental home is just thatâ" a home. There are often several bedrooms, bathrooms, private outdoor space with decks/patios, washer and dryer, fully-equipped kitchens, and more. Hotel room reservations typically only consist of a single room with a private bathroom. In some suite-style hotel rooms, you might find a kitchenette and small living space.

Vacation Rentals are Perfect for Families or Groups

Vacation rentals are a popular type of accommodation for families or large groups. When you rent a home with several bedrooms, itâs easy to keep the family or group together. At a hotel, you would have to book separate hotel rooms. Vacation rental homes boast spacious floorplans that help keep the group together while also offering enough space to have privacy. Itâs the best of both worlds!

Vacation Rentals are Cost-Effective

Everyone likes to save their hard-earned money. Although vacations are known for being a financial splurge, why not save where you can? Booking a vacation rental is the perfect way to do just that! While hotel reservations are ideal for short-term stays, renting a vacation home is cost-effective for extended stays. The price of booking a vacation rental home depends on how large the rental home is, how many bedrooms it has, location, and more. Even the more expensive rental homes end up saving you money in the long run. How? One example is cooking your meals. Save on dining-out costs when you book a vacation rental! You can also save money on pet care costs! Tahoe Truckee Properties has the largest selection of dog-friendly rental homes, so you can skip the dogsitter! The North Lake Tahoe area is incredibly dog-friendly, too. Donât miss out on the chance to spend quality time with your pup.

Enjoy All of the Comforts of Home

Another benefit of booking a vacation rental is that you can enjoy all of the amenities and comforts of home. Utilize in-home washer and dryer units, BBQ grills, fully-equipped kitchens, and more. Sweaty clothes from your North Lake Tahoe hike? Simply throw them in the wash! Itâs easy to relax when you know you have everything you need on-site! If the weather doesnât cooperate one day during your stay, enjoy reading a book or playing games in the spacious living area. Or, take advantage of these rainy day activities in North Lake Tahoe!

Rent a Vacation Home With Tahoe Truckee Properties

[q4vr-properties pids]Now that youâve weighed your options between booking a vacation rental vs. a hotel, itâs time to make your decision. If youâre not sold on staying in a vacation rental home yet, you will be when you see Tahoe Truckee Properties inventory of rental homes!  
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