Posted on 10/28/2020

What You Need to Add to Your Northern California Winter Packing List

Are you planning a trip to California in the winter? Packing lists to our state for trips during the winter months can vary greatly depending on which region youâre visiting. If youâre planning a trip to the Lake Tahoe region during this time of year, check out this Northern California winter packing list! During the winter months, you can expect lots of sunshine and snow. Read on for more information on how to come prepared! When youâre ready to start planning your trip to California in the winter, donât forget to request our North Lake Tahoe Guide. This free resource is filled with helpful tips for visiting our area at any time of year!

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5 Must-Haves for Your Northern California Winter Packing List

Here are five items you need to add to your winter packing list. Many of these items are bulky, so we suggest purchasing some packing cubes that can compress your clothes and save space in your suitcase!

1. Reusable Water Bottle

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in California. Our local community works hard daily to ensure that we keep Lake Tahoe beautiful by minimizing trash and non-recyclables. Thatâs why we ask visitors to practice eco-friendly travel in North Lake Tahoe. During the winter months, itâs a good idea to bring a reusable water bottle to hydrate after a day on the slopes. Drinking enough water also helps prevent altitude sickness, so itâs a win-win!

2. Multiple Layers

Lake Tahoe in winter boasts high temperatures in the 40s and low temperatures in the 20s. We suggest packing layers to mix and match, which helps accommodate any temperature. In the early morning, it may be cold and cloudy, but by the afternoon the sun is shining! We recommend layering a long sleeve shirt on top of a short sleeve so you can stay warm in the morning and shed your layers in the afternoon!

3. Winter Coat

With lows in the 20s, itâs important to bring a winter coat! The style is completely up to you. Just make sure that it has a thick lining, is easy to zip or button, and perhaps has a hood. After all, most body heat escapes from your head and feet!

4. Snow Boots

On average, the Lake Tahoe area sees an average snowfall of 215.4 inches each year. Thatâs nearly 18 feet of snow! A pair of good-quality snow boots are a must-have for your packing list.

5. Sunscreen

Although cold, there are many sunny days during the winter in Lake Tahoe. Be sure to bring sunscreen to protect your face and other exposed skin. It doesnât have to be cold to get a sunburn!

Pack Your Bags & Head to North Lake Tahoe

When you arrive, drop your bags filled with items from your Northern California winter packing list at your rental home with Tahoe Truckee Properties. We offer a wide variety of rentals across several North Lake Tahoe communities, so you can stay close to the winter activities that interest you most. This is especially helpful for ski trips, so you can avoid a long haul with your gear to the resort! Browse a full inventory of our North Lake Tahoe rentals to start planning your trip to Northern California in the winter! [q4vr-properties pids]
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