Posted on 2/15/2019

Emerald Bay State Park Is One of the Best Attractions in the Region

If you're looking for beautiful beaches, great hiking trails, and stunning views, Emerald Bay State Park is the place to go. This is an excellent year-round destination that is the perfect addition to any North Lake Tahoe getaway. Whether you prefer to spend your time on the water or exploring the grounds, you'll love spending an afternoon at the park. 

Why You Should Visit Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay State Park is a great destination to visit, no matter your interests!

Travel Back In Time

If you want to explore a little history, you can stop by Vikingsholm Castle. This 38-room mansion is on the shore of the park, with guided tours available during the summer season. Built in 1929 for a wealthy couple, Vikingsholm was inspired by Scandinavian architecture although the construction materials were all sourced from Lake Tahoe.

Hike The Trails

Hikers will love the four trails available in the park. There are four major routes, including the Vikingsholm Trail and the Emerald Point Trail. If you can only choose one, however, we suggest the Vikingsholm Trail. It's one of the best hiking trails in North Lake Tahoe. The path winds past the stone observation area situated above Emerald Bay and ends near the castle. While you're hiking, keep an eye out for some great potential snapshots! Emerald Bay is home to some of the best photography shots in North Lake Tahoe.

Paddleboard Or Kayak The Waters

If you're visiting during the summer season, you shouldn't be surprised to see plenty of paddleboarders and kayakers on the water! Kayak Tahoe offers rentals in Vikingsholm as well as Baldwin Beach. Their equipment is first-come-first-serve, so you'll want to arrive early in order to get a good parking spot and pick out a board or kayak.

Explore California's First Maritime Heritage Underwater Trail

What do you do when the most historic features of Emerald Bay rest below the surface? You create a scuba trail thatâs underwater as well! There are four dive sites with informative panels that explain the history and significance of this area. You can find interpretive cards for the divers at the visitor center, as well as at local dive shops. This is a one-of-a-kind attraction and a must for any experienced divers visiting the area.

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