Posted on 8/23/2022

Discover the Best Ways to Experience North Lake Tahoe Stargazing

When you vacation in North Lake Tahoe, youâre surrounded by thrilling outdoor adventures. We have a suggestion for a relaxing outdoor activity thatâs equally as excitingâ"stargazing. Since our area has minimal light pollution, itâs a fantastic spot to view stars, planets, and constellations. We'll give you the inside scoop on the best opportunities for North Lake Tahoe stargazing.For more information about the areaâs best outdoor activities and more, take a look at our North Lake Tahoe Guide. It features local insight into all the best things to see and do in the area.
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All About North Lake Tahoe Stargazing

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about North Lake Tahoe stargazing. Thereâs no better way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embrace the beauty of our universe.

Full Moon Kayak Tours

Experience the cosmic beauty of our night skies like never before as you float in a kayak on the beautiful blue waters of Lake Tahoe under a full moon with Tahoe Adventure Company. This two-hour tour will give you an opportunity to explore the stars with a guided tour that will end on the beach with hot drinks, snacks, and more Stargazing from the beach. This is an experience you won't want to miss!

Gaze From the Beach

For the most relaxing and serene stargazing experience (and free), get comfortable on one of North Lake Tahoeâs best beaches.
  • Kings Beach is one of the largest local beaches, providing outstanding views of the entire lake from all angles. Public restrooms are located here, which is always a bonus!
  • Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park is a popular spot for outdoor events in the summertime, but itâs also one of the best locations for stargazing.
  • It's a south-facing beach, so you can start your evening watching a picturesque sunset, and then stay as the stars begin to appear one by one.

Climb Every Mountain

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by towering Sierra Nevada mountains with a wide array of scenic outlooks and hiking trails. These are some of the best places for stargazing experiences.
  • Slide Mountain is located off Mt. Rose Highway and offers views to the east and south. Year-round easy access is granted to guests, and there are many places for you to set up a telescope with wide, unobstructed horizons.
  • The historic Stateline Fire Lookout in Kings Beach is another fantastic gazing location. This high-altitude spot towers above Tahoe Biltmore and offers easily accessible views of North Lake Tahoe.
  • Plus, the hiking trails are dog-friendly, so you can bring your pup along for a nighttime adventure with you.

Enjoy Stunning Views at Your North Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental

Where will you make your home-away-from-home during your stay in North Lake Tahoe? Tahoe Truckee Properties offers some of the best vacation rentals in the area! Our properties range in size, shape, and price, so itâs easy to find the perfect place to stay for you and your group. Plus, many of our properties offer outstanding decks with lake views, so you can stargaze from your own vacation rental!
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