Posted on 6/8/2018

The Best Spots for Hiking in North Lake Tahoe

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Lace up your hiking boots and grab your sunscreen! Hiking in the North Lake Tahoe region is a tremendously popular activity around these parts, and it's no wonder why. From lakeside trails to waterfall hikes, the possibilities are endless! Discover our favorite North Lake Tahoe hiking trails, as well as where to find the best accommodations in the area!  Are you looking for more ways to explore the great outdoors? Let us help!

The Best North Lake Tahoe Hiking Trails

Tahoe Rim Trail

You can't mention hiking near Lake Tahoe without talking about the Tahoe Rim Trail. This hiking trail, which stretches out over 150 miles, follows the edge of Lake Tahoe. The trail is broken up into segments. In the northern section, the most popular segments run from Tahoe City to the Broadway Summit, and then from there to Mt. Rose Summit.

Shirley Canyon

Shirley Canyon, located in Palisades Tahoe (formally known as Squaw Valley), is one of the most popular North Lake Tahoe hikes. Once you visit, you'll understand why. There are two trails available in the canyon. The first, the Shirley Canyon Trail (which is sometimes called the Shirley Lake Trail) runs over granite rocks and through canyon walls on your way to Shirley Lake. This is one of the best North Lake Tahoe hikes with waterfalls. You'll be able to see small falls and hidden pools on your way. In total, the hike from the trailhead to the lake is a little over two miles. From the lake, you can choose to turn around and walk back to the trailhead or continue to High Camp, which offers a free cable car ride back down. The second hiking trail in the region is the Granite Chief Trail. This is a steep walk, climbing into the granite until it connects with the Pacific Crest Trail. From the trailhead to the second trail connection, the hike is a little over three miles. Shirley Canyon is a dog-friendly area. Visitors are welcome to bring their four-legged friends with them.

Eagle Rock Hiking Trail In Tahoe

If you're looking for a leisurely hike, then head to Eagle Rock Trail near Homewood. This trail is less than one-mile long and is dog-friendly. If you're looking for good North Lake Tahoe winter hikes, Eagle Rock is the place to go. Snowshoeing is a common activity in this area in the snowy months.

Eagle Lake

Another beautiful hike is found at Eagle Lake (which is not to be confused with Eagle Rock). Technically, it's located in South Lake Tahoe. However, it's such a popular spot that we had to mention it. Sometimes called the Eagles Falls Trail, sometimes called the Eagle Lake Loop, this path leads you up a stone staircase, over waterfalls, and through a forested area. At one point during the hike, the path leads to a Desolation Wilderness, which requires a special permit to explore. This area tends to get crowded quickly, so try to get there early in the morning to get good parking. Dogs are allowed to accompany you on the trail, though they must be on a leash.

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