Posted on 8/24/2018

2 of the Best Place to Rent a Stand-Up Paddleboard in Lake Tahoe

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Have fun like a local during your North Lake Tahoe adventure! Paddleboarding is a favorite pastime for many area residents. When you see the lake for yourself, you'll know why. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe allow you to see straight to the bottom of the lake, giving you the most amazing view of the lake bed. Best of all, it's a gentle, mellow sport that can be quickly learned! Find out everything you need to know about paddle boarding, including where to rent a stand-up paddleboard in Lake Tahoe

Why Paddleboarding?

If you've never visited North Lake Tahoe before, you may wonder why paddleboarding is such a popular activity around here. There's something so magical about gliding through the water on a board, your paddle barely making a ripple around you. You can see straight down to all the boulders and rocks that lie on the sandy bottom of the lake. It's an experience unlike any other, and it leaves you feeling utterly at peace with yourself and all around you.

Where To Rent A Stand-Up Paddleboard In Lake Tahoe

Watermans Landing

Watermans Landing is a one-stop shop for all your paddleboarding needs. They offer daily rentals, multi-day rentals, classes, lessons and clinics, and group tours and experiences. Their rental rates are very reasonable. As a bonus, they also offer two of the most popular (and our favorite) paddle boarding experiences: WaterWoman SUP Clinic and Fitness and SUP Yoga Class! The WaterWoman classes are a full-body workout that helps women get more familiar with paddleboarding while improving their balance and strength. The SUP Yoga Class is a unique experience that you shouldnât miss! There is nothing more relaxing than moving through a yoga sequence while listening to the gentle lapping of the water and enjoying the view of the lush, tree-covered hills. If you're traveling with a group of girlfriends, book the Woman SUP Paddling Experience. This 90-minute course is catered to your group. You can choose from a yoga class, a paddle clinic that walks you through the basics, or the Tahoe WaterWoman workout.

Kings Beach Tahoe Paddle & Oar

If you've got the basics of paddling down and you're interested in exploring the lake, book a guided paddleboard tour from Tahoe Paddle and Oar! They are suitable for beginners or experienced paddlers. During each tour, you're led through a boulder maze while an experienced tour guide teaches you about the history of the lake and the surrounding area. All equipment is provided. Choose from the Crystal Bay Tour or the Sand Harbor tour.

Stay With Tahoe Truckee Properties

Before you reserve a stand-up paddleboard for a Lake Tahoe adventure, you need to book your accommodations! Tahoe Truckee Properties has the best selection of homes in North Lake Tahoe. No matter the size of your group or the reason for your visit, we have just a rental to suit your needs. Plus, with our extremely knowledgeable staff of local residents, weâll be able to assist you in planning the best North Lake Tahoe getaway possible! Don't forget to check out our selection of dog-friendly properties so your whole family can join you on your trip. Browse our many accommodations and book today! We look forward to having you.

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